“INJURED” на Казахському мові




hurt wounded damaged sore bruised crippled lame disabled maimed mutilated deformed mangled broken fractured


” He looked between the injured men.

“Do I look injured to you?

Rew scrambled away, the injured bandit leader, the butcher, and the fingerless axe man coming in a pack after him, forcing him back toward the camp.

Four down, four to go, and one of those injured.

The sight of Az’s injured wing made his head begin roaring.

Then she whimpered like an injured animal.

Chapter ElevenFor two days, they traveled half the day, walking slowly so their injured could recover.

Rew attacked furiously, forcing the narjags away, and then bent to rip his hunting knife free of the injured one that had jumped onto his back.

Rew turned and saw the last injured narjag approaching, its blade raised.

Half a dozen lacerations where the thieves had cut him stung something awful, but his legs weren’t broken, and after he tested his weight on it, he knew he could at least limp on his injured ankle.

The injured Tyn is Tyn Gelven.