“ACRE-FEET” на російській мові



Dams less than 10 feet in height and having a storage capacity of not more than 50 acre-feet of water.

In 1986, irrigated pasture used about 5.3 million acre-feet of water - as much as all 27 million people in the state consumed, including for swimming pools and lawns…

About 27 million acre-feet of water (8.5 trillion gallons, to be somewhat more precise), backed up behind 580-foot Glen Canyon Dam.

When the dam broke on June 8, 1964, it spilled sixteen thousand acre-feet of water, killed thirty-two people, and caused an estimated $62 million in property damage.

At $5 to $15 for an acre-foot (enough water to cover an acre of ground with a foot of water), farmers are able to grow water-intensive crops such as alfalfa, cotton, and rice.