“DISASTER” на російській мові


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disaster distress scourge calamity evil affliction
misfortune unhappiness disaster bad luck affliction mishap



catastrophe calamity cataclysm tragedy act of God holocaust accident


“What happened before the disaster that was last night?

Then they said that a natural disaster had struck, affecting the entire planet.

One disaster cannot be allowed to unsettle all one’s enterprises.

In fact, with the exception of a few facilities in the surrounding area, they had managed to prevent most of the disaster.

“We must head off this potential disaster before we lose the advantage.

Ever since civilization had collapsed, they had chosen to deliver supplies to those affected by the disaster and had dedicated themselves to supporting recovery efforts.

“That is our only chance to avert disaster.

Maybe she could use such an ability to overcome this unprecedented disaster.

She was a strong leader and wanted to prioritize the quelling of all the chaos and social unrest left behind in the wake of the disaster.

He never thought that he would live to an age older than his parents, and he certainly never expected to survive the disaster.

If he sees this world on the cusp of disaster and knows he could strike, and strike hard, and make himself its master.