“LONGLINER” на російській мові



A week ago this country was shaken in its foundations when a longliner vessel ran into trouble and sank within sight of land, only a few minutes after the distress call went out.

The letter pointed out several other concerns, including a language barrier between the harbour pilot and the crew, and inadequate operating procedures on the bridge of the 48-metre longliner .

As a direct result Tanzania is now in the process of looking again at its fisheries agreement with the EU which allows access for 70 purse seiners and longliners in Tanzanian waters.

The convention's scientific committee says since 1996 pirate longliners have killed up to 144,000 albatrosses and 400,000 petrels in Antarctic waters alone.

Though they make up a small fishery with severely limited resources, the longliners have achieved a level of success in turtle conservation beyond anyone's wildest speculations.