“SOUTHERN” на російській мові


інші переклади

south southern southerly austral meridional
southerner southern meridional southron
житель Юга
southerner southern





They were fishermen of the southern isles, lured to their doom or rescued from shipwrecks, only to find their salvation was nothing of the sort.

The city of Vespinarr lies on a plateau at the southern tip of the range, along with the silver mines that give it its famous wealth .

They were a mixed lot: a couple of night-black Taiytakei men from the deserts with brands on each arm, three brown-skinned women from the southern reaches of the Dominion and an olive-faced man from Crazy’s old home of Deephaven.

“We’ll take the ridge from the southern side.

They might be able to slip out the southern gate, if it was still open.

Rafozo said he had begun the journey a big man, well-muscled and tough, a survivor of the inter-clan warfare so beloved of the southern kingdoms.

The swamps to the north glittered in the twilight sun while the gullies of the southern Konsidar beyond fell into shadow and their snow-peppered peaks glowed pink in the sunset.

The sun does not always move as it should across the southern sky, but I’m sure we’re going north”“How many cages like this are there?

Her gaze wandered over the castle, to the semi-derelict great southern tower, the barracks with its slumped roof, the lesser towers weakened by the addition of windows.

The paved road was lined with deep cracks, even reduced to rubble in some areas, as it stretched out toward the southern hills.

The southern night sky was glowing red.