“THIEF” на російській мові


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thief burglar prowler drummer gunsmith hook
snuff thief



robber burglar housebreaker cat burglar rustler shoplifter pickpocket purse snatcher sneak thief mugger embezzler swindler plunderer criminal villain kleptomaniac bandit bandito pirate highwayman crook brigand


Zaine who’d claimed to be a thief in good standing but did not have the markings of the guild.

”Beside her, the thief that Rew had seen in the arcanist’s tower turned and smiled at them.

”Without responding, Rew started down the hallway and easily found the door the thief had referred to.

The younger ranger was moving slow, and his hand kept rising unconsciously toward his chest where the thief had stabbed him, but he was moving more comfortably than he could have several hours before.

”“They found us, but they won’t get a chance to tell anyone about it,” claimed the thief beside Zaine.

“Zaine and her thief brethren snuck in the minute before the Dark Kind were spotted.

A thief.

So there was a little thief boy in Deephaven who took up with a thief-taker and fell in love with a sword of the sun and ran away to sea when—’‘Press-ganged, big man.

“Axxon,” called the thief beside Zaine, “in a lucky turn of fortune, these are the only two men who can identify me.

Anne had been keeping a sharp eye on Zaine, and so far, the thief had not attempted to scuttle away, but she could be waiting for the right moment.

“I mean a thief in the guild,” said Rew.