“DAD” на українській мові


інші переклади

dad daddy papa pap baba
daddy dad
провітрювати виробку



pop papa pa daddy dada


He’s with his dad this weekend.

Your dad had your best interests at heart.

’‘That was my dad.

Her dad would ground her for sure, because Judy obeyed the rules.

Your dad and I finally admitted ours isn’t cut out for this.

Your dad and I haven’t been ourselves around each other for a long time.

Her dad used to joke that if their family ever formed a band, they could call themselves the 4-Js.

If his dad hadn’t sent him on this trip, Dylan never would have learned that the key to managing his stage anxiety was to focus on his performance, like be fucking present in the moment and not stuck in his head obsessing about how he’d be received.

Thump’s back was to everybody except the Noiesni, who regained his composure and began to listen eagerly while Thump rambled, “My dad had his own garbage truck, but he got killed when I was three, not on the job or anything, so there wasn’t any insurance money, it was a motocross accident, y’know, like that, and I never met my grandma, not on that side, because she lived in Iowa, but Ryan, he’s my older brother…”Ron backed away, turned, looked at the guests in the living room, and beyond that, in the library.

And such a small memory… Ron’s dad had bought some groceries.

I’m doing this trip for my dad.