“HANGED” на українській мові


інші переклади

hang bangle dangle
hang suspend halter gibbet
threaten menace hang impend hang over hang about



be suspended dangle hang down be pendent swing sway


Today wasn’t the day she’d be hanged.

He was hardly better than the hanged captain.

They’ll take it back to Khalishtor to be hanged by the feet so I doubt anyone is looking for you.

“To prevent desertions the Spaniards went to villages to which the deserters belonged, and here, as a warning, they caught at random a dozen women, children, and old men and hanged them as punishment for the desertion of men they could not capture.

found guilty shall be returned to the Crown of the Sea Lords in Khalishtor to be publicly hanged by the neck until dead, their bodies to thrown into the sea unless execution is deemed more expedient to be carried out here.

‘Perhaps if you hanged the rider-slave yourself before they came it might help show she acted without your order?

They were also the only two people in the eyrie who’d do anything except breathe a great sigh of relief when the Elemental Men finally hanged Zafir, but for the time being he had good reasons to want that day to be a little way away.

One in ten of Shrin Chrias Kwen’s men to be hanged and the dragon-rider too.

No one looked at her except the four men in their cages beside her: Mad Quai’Shu, who sat almost naked in his own filth; Mai’Choiro Kwen, who cowered in a corner as far away from her as he could get; Shonda of Vespinarr, formerly the mightiest man in the world, now held in a cage by the Elemental Men for everyone to see before he was hanged.

‘Had you not, I would have been hanged for my crime.

”“I will be hanged for a fool, when production moves away from the high wages your laws will create to cheaper lands, and our workers starve and riot.