“HAPPI” на українській мові



His black happi is wrapped around his bulky frame like a dressing gown.

Kids dressed in happi coats and kimonos are irresistible, as is the smell of chicken teriyaki on the grill.

U.S. Ambassador Thomas Foley leaped up onto a stage, wearing a light blue happi coat , and read out to Saeki-san, in front of the throng, a letter of congratulations from the White House.

In the welcoming ceremony, Japanese boys wore happi coats , Japan's traditional workman's short coat, and beat ‘wadaiko’ drums while girls clad in kimono performed dances and played 13-stringed horizontal ‘koto’ harps.

We dismissed happi coats and those dreadful black velveteen jackets with a dragon and ‘I love Japan’ emblazoned on the back as passé. Platform geta won't fly, my young wife says.