“WHITE-FACED” на українській мові


інші переклади

pale wan white sallow wheyfaced white-faced
paleface suety wheyfaced white-faced


’ He puffed out his cheeks and blew, mumbled a bit to himself and then headed back towards the white-faced men waiting back with their mounts.

Raif glanced over his shoulder at his sister, white-faced.

The white-faced man was shaking his head.

The desert men had all sorts of stories about the Queverra: gateways to Xibaiya, half-living half-dead things, man-monsters, terrible sorcerers, a clan of white-faced scorpion-priests who worshipped the forbidden old gods, and that was just the start of it.

And maybe he could just go all silver-eyed and disintegrate being thirsty, but Tuuran certainly couldn’t and neither could the painted men – well, probably – and so Tuuran spent half the night shouting at Crazy Mad not to be crazy and the other half yelling at the white-faced men to find someone who actually knew where they were going and to sort out the things commonly used to stave off the various irritating ways to die that deserts tended to throw about in their thoughtless way.

Some of the white-faced men came to sit and watch too, although they kept their distance.

The white-faced men led them to a shallow river running through a deep canyon, where the sun rarely touched the surface and where they drank and refilled their stolen water skins.

The library of the Dralamut, in its forbidden rooms where the killers couldn’t enter, contained journals in which the Crimson Sunburst spoke of old books, of reading the anathema of the Rava, of the old white-faced silver-skinned half-gods who existed before the world broke into splinters.

By the time they got to the top, Crazy’s band of white-faced men had grown to a horde.

The desert men didn’t look best pleased at having the white-faced men left milling about with nothing much to do, so Tuuran kept his mouth shut about the thousand or so more who would arrive during the night.