“FRIENDSHIP” на німецькій мові


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friendship amity familiarity



relationship close relationship attachment mutual attachment association bond tie link union bromance


He was so jealous of my friendship with Max; Max’s death didn’t seem to change Howard’s dislike of him.

He saw nothing wrong with prolonging their friendship a few more days .

Those of my opinion cannot convince Brauctha’s followers that you will join us gladly, and there are smaller clans between ours and the man-eaters who fear your betrayal even if you open your arms in friendship.

And who was she to think Dylan wanted anything more than their interim friendship?

To my friend and sister Jenn Kelly: I think when you finally read this book, you’ll understand the impact your friendship has had on me, and how much good you’ve brought into my life.

It was a jolly evening they spent, and for the first time they felt growing among them a bond which came very close to real friendship.

’‘Do you think love is very different from friendship?

But losing your friendship is a loss I can’t endure.

A two-carat reminder to keep their friendship on the level.

She also wouldn’t kid around that anything could come of their friendship beyond the four days they had left.

He had zero interest in any sort of relationship other than friendship with her, yet he couldn’t get her out of his head last night.