“MARVELLOUS” на німецькій мові


інші переклади

wonderful marvelous delightful miraculous prodigious marvellous
wonderful lovely glorious splendid magnificent marvelous
marvelous marvellous wonderful
great admirable wonderful superb marvelous marvellous
gorgeous magnificent splendid glorious sumptuous marvelous
glittering shiny glossy shining brilliant marvelous



amazing astounding astonishing awesome breathtaking sensational remarkable spectacular stupendous staggering stunning phenomenal prodigious miraculous extraordinary incredible unbelievable wondrous


It is a glorious mystery, like all this marvellous continent.

The Karsan party has seven ironlock rifles remaining to them, along with Ardovani’s marvellous gun.

that is the most marvellous news!

He would never speak to the people like that directly, they all thought he was marvellous.

The Vespinese were very much in favour of the notion, frequently urging the lords of Tayuna to see things their way through encouragements such as sinking their ships, setting fire to their city and occasionally dragging them into unwanted wars in other realms, yet despite these marvellous incentives, the lords of Tayuna remained strangely intransigent, perversely preferring to keep their independence and telling Shonda where to stick it.

Clearly his tutor in Cashax hadn’t been so marvellous after all, since he had no idea what this place was or how it worked or how Sivan had found it.

Entirely made of metal, it had a marvellous plumage of copper, bronze and steel.

But then the most marvellous thing happened.

He’ll seize everything we have in the name of his “friend” Senxian and offer the new lord of Dhar Thosis some marvellous reparation.

The marvellous docks were a wasteland of ash dotted with the blackened bones of great warehouses and the shattered wreckage of fallen glasships.

Some were laughing and chattering to each other as though it was all some marvellous spectacle.