“MILLING” на німецькій мові


інші переклади

grinding milling



grind pulverize powder granulate pound crush press comminute triturate


But everyone else was out in the yard or up on the wall, slaves, soldiers and other Taiytakei, even his Scales, milling around and shouting at each other over the wind while they waited for the dragon to haul the next glasship down, so he stayed.

Fifty paces from them, a handful of guards were milling about near the small private gate Zaine and the thieves had entered.

Other gondolas sat in the dragon yard, slaves hurrying to and fro, milling Taiytakei from a dozen different cities, all whipped up by a wind filled with shouted gossip of the Arbiter’s judgement.

Taiytakei on sleds were milling about them.

Everyone is milling about, looking grumpy.

People are milling about.

Fifty men were milling about in the open space and atop the walls.

There was some shouting and milling about as Sivan and his men squeezed between the overhanging cliff wall on one side and a sullen team of broad-backed bison towing a barge against the current on the other.

The desert men didn’t look best pleased at having the white-faced men left milling about with nothing much to do, so Tuuran kept his mouth shut about the thousand or so more who would arrive during the night.