“MONEY” на німецькій мові


інші переклади

means of payment money currency



cash hard cash ready money the means the wherewithal funds capital finances (filthy) lucre coins change specie silver currency bills (bank) notes dough bread bucks loot greenbacks moola dinero shekels mazuma pelf


Ironically, the old money crowd who were ordinarily venomously opposed to anything the new industrialists offered to the house, were enthusiastically in favour of her reforms.

They preferred to save that money for better use, so they waited for the Huasteca ferry, which takes people across the river without any charge.

To buy it cost more money than I’ll ever make in my life.

A lot of boys who have got the money to pay for the tickets are making off for Venezuela, where a boom seems to be on its way.

He makes money from other people’s suffering.

The boys had never sold pay-dirt, so they didn’t know how much money they would have after it had been properly assayed.

He has little money loose in his pocket, but he has a diamond ring and two pearl earrings tucked away in the watch-pocket of his pants.

I haven’t got the money.

But the ticket was okayed and Dobbs received his money.

”They left with the money.

He worked his mind to answer the question: How can I get some money right now?