“TOWN” на німецькій мові


інші переклади

city town burg
village town
space place course square room court
urban city municipal town civic



urban area conurbation municipality borough township settlement city metropolis megalopolis pueblo burgh


They had to do something, though, and going to the place he’d first seen Zaine and the thieves stalking through the town seemed a logical place to start.

If a side trip took longer than expected or she stayed in a town longer than planned to explore, she didn’t want to be locked into a reservation.

Flour, bacon, baking powder, white sugar, good soap, canned milk, tea, and such luxuries could be had only if one made a whole day’s trip to a little town far down the western slope of the Sierra.

EPISODE VIII – CLIFFORDWhen Sam woke up, he found himself in a dilapidated town that he didn’t recognize.

He guessed if there were a hundred men in uniform and on duty now, there had to be hundreds more off duty somewhere within the town of Falvar, and he could only speculate how many out in the barrows.

Wait until we are back in town.

“Why are so many of you in town?

Rew, Anne, Cinda and Zaine walked from the town to the quiet settlement at the foot of the Falvar bridge.

CHAPTER 20AFTERJoySettling onto the couch in the front parlor of their Chelsea neighborhood town house in Manhattan, Joy rips out a page from the monthly singles review in the most recent Rolling Stone.

A town of tents was arrayed neatly to the south, divided into quarters with an engineer’s fastidiousness.

He didn’t know if he should attack the spellcaster who’d just murdered scores of soldiers and then had tried to kill him, or the necromancer who just called upon the power of a barrow wraith in the middle of a populated town.