“ARMY” на іспанській мові


інші переклади

army force legion
crowd multitude mob host throng horde



armed force military force land force military soldiery infantry militia troops soldiers host


It wouldn’t be long before there would be enough of them to form an army.

”“Because those stupid human queens are stirring—their army still isn’t disbanded.

My father would think twice before standing against an army of superior strength and size.

The bulk of the town’s forces being diverted away, the thieves slipping in, and an attack by an army of Dark Kind?

Blessed Mother, the baron was raising an army of wraiths for Prince Valchon!

Open any door, and you could move that army of the dead wherever you wished.

”“Back during the war, the Dark Kind raised standards much like a human army would,” said Rew.

Baron Fedgley planned to march with his army against Duke Eeron and Baron Worgon.

This factory is so crucial to the honour of our realms that it is, in a way, an army of the Kingdoms, as much as any on the field of battle or aboard ships fighting the Ocerzerkiyans on the ocean waves.

Or we can proceed, but with the knowledge we may stumble into a small army of Dark Kind.

”“Not an army.