“BATTERED” на російській мові


інші переклади

shabby battered seedy old shot elder
beaten battered hackneyed stereotype trite stereo
broken shattered battered beaten stricken smitten
threadbare battered frazzled decrepit outworn worn down with use
crumpled battered



damaged shabby run-down worn out beat-up falling to pieces falling apart dilapidated rickety ramshackle crumbling the worse for wear on its last legs abused


pummel pound hit repeatedly buffet thrash beat up clobber trounce rain blows on knock around/about beat the living daylights out of give someone a good hiding lay into lace into do over rough up


A carved rose-wood bed covered in silks and a feather-stuffed mattress waited for her beside an immense cabinet and a battered old chest – the only thing here that was hers.

He stared up at the battered brown sign screwed into a lamppost on Jackson Boulevard.

Some inner part of her quaked at the unseeing, battered faces.

It was scratched, stained and battered by its careless employment as a workbench.

Another of the miners, evidently trying to impress Anne, played a merry little tune on a battered fiddle.

Gusts battered Sam, crying like countless invisible beasts, which threatened to topple him over.

Sent her to her battered legs, knees groaning as she sprinted upward.

The constables loaded the battered children onto it.

He played through every moment since the dragon had come back from Dhar Thosis and Zafir had slid off its back and stood before him, battered and bruised, bloodied and full of swagger, and had dropped the bladeless knife of the Elemental Man at his feet.

Tuvacs was trapped, the modalman’s heavy arms crushing him against the bars while the legs of the Marovesi battered into him.

Why it cried so, Rel Kressind did not know, but its misery battered at him as hard as the cargo of sand it carried.