“DIFFUSERS” на російській мові


інші переклади

diffuser run-out


Religious articles, holy books, brass lamps, candle stands, incense holders, scented candles and perfume diffusers are also turning out to be much valued presents.

These problems can be easily overcome by washing the glass with a warm curtain of air, either from heating units at the bottom of the windows or from continuous air diffusers at the top.

Wipe diffusers with vinegar to remove deposits, check air hoses for cracks and obstructions, and examine all connections to the pumps.

Furthermore, the system replaces the traditional large overhead diffusers with a greater number of small diffusers , allowing for more individual control of air flow.

The developers improved energy efficiency by using access flooring, which provides an underfloor supply air plenum for displacement heating and cooling through floor-mounted air diffusers .