“FOOTHILLS” на російській мові


інші переклади



Pale rock, quarried in the foothills of the Spine, was stacked thirty paces high.

The view outside looked as it always did: a peaceful steep-sided valley in the foothills of the Konsidar, its slopes partially terraced with groves of orange trees.

From their perch, they could see the thin thread of road that cut along the outskirts of the barrowlands, hugging the mountain range as tightly as it could without traveling into the actual foothills.

Rel and his guardians had been gaining altitude for some time; although the foothills were modest in extent compared to the mountains, the desert shelved off gradually for such a distance that the bottom of the slope was lost to view.

Chapter TenWith the river to the left of them and the forest to the right, they began moving again, heading northeast toward the source of the river where they would turn and start into the foothills of the Spine.

As the days passed, and they drew closer and closer to the foothills of the Spine, Rew became more and more nervous.

That first league into the foothills was littered with the corpses of narjags and ayres.

They were packed together inside like fish in a fisherman’s barrel, standing room only, and flew for a day out over the foothills of the mountains and down to the desert, though Tsen was too far from any window to see much of it.

From east to west they were a bit smaller – a mere handful of hundreds of miles from the Godspike in the east westward as far as the escarpment of the Tzwayg, which, if he could be bothered to imagine such things mattered just now, might be considered the start of the foothills of the Konsidar.

“They began to fragment nearly the moment they made it out of the foothills of the Spine, so we didn’t fight them all at once.