“HATCHLING” на російській мові



Hard for a full-grown dragon to hide itself in a place like this, but a hatchling .

The hatchling came at her, and the air was full of men on sleds and lightning, and any moment now one of them was going to see her, just another slave in the open, and shoot her down.

The hatchling was dead and so there was no longer any need for a dragon to hunt it.

The hatchling.

The hatchling dived deeper into the crack in the earth.

Her freedom for the truth and the hatchling hunted down.

The hatchling came to do the same.

A hatchling skittered down the entrance to the hatchery tunnels and disappeared into the bowels of the eyrie.

Its flesh wasn’t the same as the hatchling she’d seen on the slave ship that had taken her from Fury-mouth but Diamond Eye knew its soul.

The glass she’d thrown had been Red Lin Feyn’s captured piece of the storm-dark and now a tiny cloud of it hovered free in the doorway, the dead hatchling underneath blocking the rest of the way out.

The soldier on the back leaned and swung at her, almost taking her head off, and then he suddenly wasn’t there any more as a hatchling shot out of nowhere and seized him, bit off his arm and threw him aside.