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novels novel



book paperback hardcover story tale narrative romance roman à clef piece of fiction bestseller blockbuster potboiler pulp (fiction)


comThis omnibus eBook contains the first two novels in the Monarchies of God series - Hawkwood's Voyage and The Heretic Kings.

ABOUT THE AUTHORAliya Whiteley is the author of the novels The Beauty, The Arrival of Missives, and Skein Island.

Granted, it gave me a pile of romance novels by the end of it, but … you caused this House to come alive, girl.

And, as promised, Emerie had brought a copy of one of Drake’s tamer novels for Gwyn, who had arrived blushing the next morning and told Emerie that if the book was considered tame, then she could only imagine the content of the others.

“A friend is bringing me one of her novels tomorrow.

“Have you read Sellyn Drake’s novels?

The House had a taste for romance novels.