“REMINDER” на російській мові


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reminder prompt memento refresher remembrancer



prompt prompting aide-mémoire mental note mnemonic


And it was for that reminder alone that Nesta said more gently, “I’ll do it right now.

And there was Ilona, who, Aretimus’ unwelcome reminder aside, was treated more or less as one of the men, and she liked that.

A two-carat reminder to keep their friendship on the level.

The note he’d written about Joy, a reminder to himself, a promise they’d made, not that he’d ever forget.

The pills are orange and tiny; they’re another reminder of Paris.

Every patron had to register, as a reminder that he was staying in a civilized country and not with an Indian tribe.

Written on the page in Dylan’s bold, choppy scrawl is a reminder.

”Joy flinched, the verbal slap a reminder that she’d never be as good as Judy in their eyes.

His enchanted greatsword hangs behind my father’s throne as a reminder of the strength of the Fedgleys.

He didn’t know what muscle he’d tweaked, but Mark was the knot that suddenly showed up under the shoulder blade and gave a sharp pinch of a reminder it was there whenever he lifted his arm or twisted his torso a certain way.

She pictures him waiting to board his plane to London, hurriedly jotting the reminder because it wasn’t just the date that was important.