“RETURNED” на російській мові


інші переклади



” Shot returned.

No one was left in the room but a son who had just returned from the world of the dead and an aged mother who was about to depart for it.

The second morning, Donati returned full of smiles.

” Nesta was so stunned to see the priestess that she returned the hug.

They dated through college, even after Mark had graduated with his master’s and returned to New York to work in the family business, commercial real estate.

Life did not worship the Twins as they desired, so again they called for their father, and again the One returned.

He wondered how many times he would think back to it, back to the moment when Målingen’s ka returned to Lockne’s ha.

Rew returned the girl’s look but did not reply.

If he needed a shirt or a pair of pants or whatever it might be, he came to the hotel, asked for his bag or package, took out what he needed, and returned the bag to the care of the manager.

Howard was led in triumph into the village, where all the people, old and young, were awaiting him and cheering him as though he had returned from some victory in foreign lands for the glory of this little village.

Puzzled as to how this could have happened, Rel returned to the Gulu Thek camp and checked on Aramaz before going back to Shkarauthir’s hearth.