“SORCERESS” на російській мові


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witch sorceress enchantress hag sibyl wise woman
sorceress enchantress witch charmer


‘You are a sorceress.

What manner of sorceress are you?

Vespinese sorceress Abraxi increased her interest in the mountains and their subterranean dwellers in the last years of her reign.

From top to bottom, every elegant curve was carved into a series of reliefs, the history of Vespinarr from the first coming of the self-styled Emperor Vespin, his expeditions into the mountains, the terrible scourge of the Righteous Ones, the razing of the temples by the Elemental Men, the sorceress Abraxi and doubtless more further around the rim.

The slave Zafir is decreed a sorceress to be executed accordingly.

The woman was a sorceress!

Abraxi the sorceress made exactly three sets from us before the Elemental Men made an end of her.

Her Holiness and a sorceress.

What about the monstrous sorceress Abraxi or the nightmare terror of the Crimson Sunburst?