“STAIRCASE” на російській мові


інші переклади

stairs staircase ladder stairway footway
лестничная клетка
staircase stairwell stairway well





They passed through an archway too grand for the staircase into a huge stone vault.

’ She stood back and admitted Rose to the tiny hall that led to a steep wooden staircase.

Part of the wall over the stairs slipped down in avalanche, taking half the width of the staircase with it.

The support that ran through the center of the elegantly curving spiral staircase read: “American Memorial Museum.

At the far side of the room was a staircase covered by a curtain.

On the mezzanine, accessible by an ornate wrought-iron spiral staircase just to the left when one walked in, were more books—thousands in this space alone—a few glass cabinets full of delicate objects that Cassian stayed away from (for fear of breaking them with his “bear paws,” as Mor described his hands), and several of Feyre’s paintings.

Towards the front where the pilot golem sat a skeletal silver staircase arced to the upper section.

Slowly, Nesta surveyed the space: the kitchen table before the windows, the little sitting area that occupied the other half of the room, the narrow staircase that led to the exposed upstairs hallway and the two bedrooms beyond.

Then a gloomy cave at the bottom of a spiralling staircase and a spear, its pointed haft buried six inches into the floor, walls lit by alchemical lamps whose cold white light glittered on the spear’s silver skin.

Sam crept up the spiral staircase.

Behind the diamond table a silver staircase curled up to a second level.