“STUDIES” на російській мові


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studies learning
learning teaching doctrine exercise studies instruction


He put a knotted half-dried bladder in his shoulder bag and hurried out, through the hatchery and across the dragon yard to the spiral of tunnels where he and Li had their studies and their workshop and laboratory.

She had to focus on her studies.

“I am early in my studies as an invoker.

New studies show that over seventy per cent of the UK’s population now take a daily supplement of Suscutin, delaying the moulting process indefinitely.

And somehow, Nesta thought as she silently followed an unnaturally quiet Cassian down the hall toward one of the studies whose doors were cracked open, Feyre and Rhys had managed to make this place seem cozy, welcoming.

Khalishtor, the Crown of the Sea Lords, the Dralamut, her studies at Hingwal Taktse, the powers she’d learned, the when and the how and what she could do.