“THREATS” на російській мові


інші переклади

threat danger menace impendence imminence denunciation
грозное предзнаменование



threatening remark warning ultimatum


He took the threats in silence.

But a fortress built is a fortress that must be maintained, lest the defenses of the kingdom fall fallow and those external threats return.

“I see that your government have taken the threats of my master seriously,” said the emissary.

Your threats would be a hell of a lot more impressive if you could back them up.

They let him exhaust himself with pleas and threats and exhortations and then calmly asked how much poison he would need to kill all the dragons and how long it would take to make it.

The threats shifted to bribes.

The fortress had been constructed in a different era, when the threats to the peace of the kingdom were external rather than internal.

Azriel said coolly, “I don’t need to resort to threats.

And either way, it was important the younglings were alerted that the danger of the wilderness was no longer the usual threats.

A few veiled threats go a long way with such men.

What was it you said, a few veiled threats?