“ATONE” на українській мові


інші переклади

reimburse compensate indemnify refund repay atone
atone smooth over
compensate offset make up indemnify balance atone
atone redeem expiate



make amends for make reparation for make restitution for make up for compensate for pay for recompense for expiate redress make good offset do penance for


But if getting through this bucket list and Judy’s other goal lists helped Joy atone for a series of mistakes that had cost her sister her life, maybe Joy could make up for the hurt she’d caused.

We want you to atone for it.

You have to atone for it.

Achieving her sister’s goals and dreams was good in theory, but Joy’s older and wiser self sees the true way to atone for her mistakes and let go of the past is twofold: admit what she’d done wrong, then forgive herself.

But who was here to receive their punishment and atone for their sins?

“I don’t care how much you apologize or try to atone for it or claim you didn’t know the King of Hybern would do such a thing or that you begged him not to do it.

When they came upon the mine, as happened at times, she had to pretend to be the poorest of human beings under heaven, working like a slave, not for her own profit, but to atone for a horrible sin she had committed against the church, to conciliate which she had to labor hard to build a cathedral.