“AVOIDING” на українській мові


інші переклади

avoidance avoiding elusion riddance



keep away from stay away from steer clear of give a wide berth to fight shy of


Lying, cheating, avoiding.

Rew dodged to the side, avoiding that narjag and slamming his shoulder into the second guard.

At worst, we’ll have proof to justify any conflict and hopefully win allies to our side, avoiding the bloodshed that would carve up these lands once more.

“I decided to head northward, hoping to reach Ramiel by a less traveled path, avoiding conflict with the others entirely, if I can.

“I was avoiding him yesterday because I was having a good time with you.

Allowing the girl to keep the weapons was a small price to pay for avoiding another entanglement in Falvar.

That was why she’d been avoiding eye contact with him.

Glacially slow, he stepped in the dark beneath the branches, avoiding putting his boots down on anything that could make a sound, studying the people around the fire.

We can’t go any higher, and avoiding this valley entirely would add four days to our journey.

Shkarauthir leaned backward, avoiding by a hair’s breadth a blow that would have cut him in half, and swayed aside, turning the move into a roll that brought him to his feet some yards away.

He was avoiding her.