“CRIME” на українській мові


інші переклади

crime misdeed misdoing
crime offense misdeed wickedness villainy perpetration



offense unlawful act illegal act felony misdemeanor misdeed wrong no-no


Overstating a bet and floundering at the table was no crime.

These men were cunning survivors of a dangerous life of crime.

‘Had you not, I would have been hanged for my crime.

The crime he committed may not burden him, but the memory of happenings before the crime may make his life a hell on earth and rob him of all the happiness he tried to gain by his foul act.

However it worked, it had spared the Noiesni a history of war and crime.

’‘There was no crime.

“But, you know, Sam, I’m guilty of the exact same crime.

The deed is the crime of the master.

It’s no crime to visit these mountains with an open heart; at least it’s no crime against us.

To Howard the stranger appeared to be an honest gold-digger of the old, sturdy sort who would never commit a crime or steal even a nail, but would stand ready to commit murder at any moment to defend his claim against anyone who tried to deprive him of what he was sure was his rightful property.

A crime of necessity, you could say.