“DETERMINATION” на українській мові


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analysis evaluation breakdown determination canvass
definition determination designation decision regulation appreciation
determination resoluteness decision firmness vigor fixedness



resolution resolve willpower strength of character single-mindedness purposefulness intentness staunchness perseverance persistence tenacity staying power strong-mindedness backbone stubbornness doggedness obstinacy spirit courage pluck grit stout-heartedness guts spunk balls moxie pertinacity


Sam shrank back and shook his head as if recoiling from Amelie’s continent-spanning determination.

Like Gwyn was calling only to her, her voice full of sunshine and joy and unshakable determination.

Maybe some of them were scared of what the ranger would do if they didn’t join him, but as they ran, Rew began to feel the determination growing in the men.

”His eyes flashed with renewed determination.

Any excess noise now, and her determination and the confidence it gave him might just vanish.

He hurried his pace, overcoming his trepidation with determination to catch up, to find his quarry.

It’s as if she’s given him permission to stare, with her determination to put her own attention elsewhere, so he drinks her in without feeling the need to hide it.

’Kalaiya’s eyes were bright with determination and wonder.

She became blood and dirt and pure determination.

His eyes darkened with arousal and his face hardened with determination.

He’s the only one who knows the truth about Judy, her lists, and Joy’s determination to see each one through.