“FREEZING” на українській мові


інші переклади

freezing congelation
freezing freeze refrigeration icing frosting
freezing gelation



bitter bitterly cold icy chill frosty glacial wintry subzero hypothermic raw biting piercing bone-chilling penetrating cutting numbing arctic polar Siberian




ice over ice up solidify


Just a chasm of freezing water that had soon become utter darkness.

They shivered with each step southward, though they’d piled on extra jackets from fallen warriors, and as the morning crept toward midday, Nesta flexed her fingers to keep her hands from freezing through.

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That or they were all still out in the freezing wind, staring at each other.

“It’s freezing in this wagon at night, and what they do feed us you don’t want to eat.

Her fingers were so small against his, and freezing cold.

He breathed in, and his lungs filled with a choking wash of freezing water.

A glance, that was all, freezing her thoughts and pinning her feet to the stone.

Would rather sit on a freezing rock in the icy wind for hours than look like a fool in front of anyone, especially arrogant warriors predisposed to mock any female who attempted to fight like them.

Sometimes he wondered what would happen if he turned his horse and tried to bolt back down the road, but the chances seemed good that even if he could muster the skill to make his horse do something other than follow the one in front, trying to escape would simply end with him being dumped in the river, followed either by a quick death from drowning or maybe a slightly slower one from freezing.

Whether the sun beat hot on their brows or freezing rain turned their bones to ice, Nesta, Emerie, and Gwyneth arrived at practice each morning, ready to …The back of her throat ached; her eyes stung.