“MISALLIANCE” на українській мові


інші переклади

misalliance mesalliance
нерівний шлюб
misalliance mesalliance


Some even went so far as to assert that he was already married, and that it was in order to escape the consequence of an early misalliance that he had buried himself at Bishop's Crossing.

When the male-female pairs aren't demonstrating strident misalliance or hopeless anomie, they confront one another as units destined for mutual inscrutability.

it's no good blaming yourself—it was a hopeless misalliance

Madama Butterfly is a tragedy of cultural misalliance , the swift and bloody ending of which has none of the comfort and emotional certainty associated with popular operas such as La Traviata and La Bohme.

The word ‘mulatto’ is derived from the Arabic muwallad, which originally referred to persons who were not ‘genuine’ Arabs, especially individuals born of black - white ‘ misalliances ’.