“OTHER” на українській мові


інші переклади

another other the other else other than
ще один
another other
otherwise other differently else in a different way alias
differently otherwise otherways other othergates
additional more further extra supplementary other
another other different new otherwise otherways
не той
другий з двох чи трьох



alternative different dissimilar disparate distinct separate contrasting


’ Then the glasship rose over a ridge and Liang saw what lay on the other side and all her questions melted into one.

Cassian slid his other hand into her hair, fingers twining into her braided coronet, and he thrust up into her mouth.

“That’s Ben and Matt,” Griff said as the other two men came over and shook their hands.

Saw him and then glanced at each other and beckoned, and when he joined them, they knelt and pressed their heads against the sand, prostrating themselves before him.

Petra’s office, once Rose finally located it, turned out to be in one of those back alleys that had been squeezed into the shadows of other buildings.

Lightning flashed everywhere, men ran and howled, waving ashgars, hurling themselves at each other in murderous frenzy.

” a short, powerfully built dude named Rayz called out to his man on the other side.

It was data that suggested that extinct species other than ammonites and mammoths had been found with umbilical cord-like protrusions extending out of their bodies, including specimens of dinosaurs and trilobites.

“In the first place, there’s no other road out of here but the one on which we’d have to meet them.

They were perfect images of him, but he could not give them his power, and though he used the smallest element of his being to make their souls, even this shard of his essence was too much for one body, so the portion of his soul he intended to animate them he split, and made one to be female, and the other to be male.

” He tightened his grip as the inmate clawed at his arm with one hand and clutched his gutted stomach with the other.