“SONS” на українській мові


інші переклади

descendant offspring scion child offshoot son
follower disciple adherent son pupil sectary
son child boy bairn



male child boy heir descendant offspring scion lad


’ The youngest of Quai’Shu’s sons.

He’d been anticipating this talk since he’d spent four months with the Illyrians, soothing the jagged edges amongst the war-bands, making sure the families who’d lost fathers and sons and brothers and husbands were taken care of, that they knew he was there to help and to listen, and generally making it very fucking clear that if they rose up against Rhys, there would be hell to pay.

“You do not defend yourself with the discipline of necromancy, my gift to the true sons of the Dead God’s quarter.

I doubt any of the king’s sons believed he was loyal to them, and I can’t imagine they trust him, but he’s useful when he wants to be, so they make use of him.

But Nesta had barely listened to her sister’s explanations, mostly eyeing up their father’s business partners for whether their sons might be a good match.

I could kiss them soldiers wherever they would like it, those sons of sunshine.

The sons and daughters of the first navigator make fine enchanters.

”“The Investiture is not a matter of the king simply deciding which of his sons is worthy of the throne,” replied Rew.

A long time ago someone decided it might matter – that perhaps the sons and daughters of Feyn Charin carried something in their blood which made them special.

We are ruled by kings and the sons of kings as nature intended.

He had loved his sons.