“WITHDRAWN” на українській мові


інші переклади

closed locked up withdrawn pent shut-in
secluded lonesome cloistered sequestered withdrawn



introverted unsociable inhibited uncommunicative unforthcoming quiet taciturn reticent reserved retiring private reclusive shy timid aloof indrawn standoffish


remove extract pull out take out take back take away


She’d been so horribly thin then, so dead-eyed and withdrawn that it had taken all his self-control not to fly to the Spring Court and rip Tamlin limb from limb.

Close to the platform the remains of a road were visible under piles of shingle, blocks of stone and marine animals, now all withdrawn into their shells until the water returned, but the shore end was entirely buried under the sand.

Guns were withdrawn from the parapets and through loops in the tower wall.

Another uncorked the flask and poured it down the funnel, until Aarin spluttered and choked and the funnel was withdrawn.

He still had his seat in the House, but had withdrawn from politics after his illness several years before, and had not voted on any issue since.

Make sure she hadn’t withdrawn too far into her head.

’She talked on, of how the half-gods had fallen to fighting among themselves and against their creator, how many had simply vanished, how the earth-touched had withdrawn to their safest places, to the realms of the dead they called Xibaiya while the war of the half-gods raged, of the Splintering itself, the cataclysm that ended the half-gods who remained and broke the world into pieces.

But when around her he had the withdrawn timidity that academic men suffer in the company of women.

She found Gwyn the same way she’d found Merrill: by asking a priestess, this one more quiet and withdrawn than the other.

Even though he had long withdrawn from active duty, he still had the body of a soldier.