“WROUGHT” на українській мові


інші переклади

elaborated wrought perfected well-wrought well-made
excited agitated overwrought hot irritated wrought
decorated wrought



made created built crafted fashioned worked molded formed manufactured


The Draathis wrought bloody havoc where they could.

They’d seen the wreckage that Alsayer had wrought in the throne room, and it took little to imagine the torment it would be to absorb one of his strikes.

A wall of pure sonic energy flew from the spellcaster, and Rew dropped to his knees, stunned Alsayer could call upon such a potent spell after the devastation he’d already wrought.

Three portraits hung between the windows; everything was wrought in Vespinese silver and studded with emeralds; dragons and lions peered at her from every nook and yet it was clearly the design of a kwen.

Rew hoped it was that way, that the impending devastation the nobles wrought in pursuit of the throne and the power that flowed from it would only strike their own.

She’d wrought her sorceries simply because they were there.

It would be worth your while simply to see the marvels that past masters and mistresses of our art have wrought here.

Below it the factory’s name was picked out in gold lettering wrought in the most fashionable of fonts.

Nesta couldn’t put her finger on what changes had been wrought beyond the pointed ears, but Elain had gone from lovely to devastatingly beautiful.

But I remember further back, to this place as it was before the destruction wrought by the Children’s War.

Such great and monstrous magic I wrought with my last minstrel.