“FRIENDS” на німецькій мові




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”“To new friends?

So, please, let your friends put on a great show for the benefit of the villagers.

And so I came with my dear friends here to find out if perhaps one of you, having read all the clever books written by great men, might know what is the matter with my boy who fell into the river, not very wide, but right now very deep.

Your friends from the mountains perhaps.

And whichever of her friends lay to the south wasn’t in nearly as much danger as the one to the north.

“Now, please, tell your friends when they come over here to roll up the sleeve of their left arm while crossing the plaza so that the people watching from their huts can see what they are doing and that they are not a bit afraid of the medicine.

“My friends have nothing to do with this.

They say perhaps the One came here to see what was underneath his own world, or that he fled a war, or that he was young among his people and recently come into his power, or that he was a being alone, and made the worlds to be his friends.

Tate had earned an evening with too much mulled wine before the fire, having his friends surround him with love, and then a quiet passing in the night.

All of them had lost friends.

Let your friends come over here voluntarily and get vaccinated once more, please.