“PERFORMING” на Казахському мові


інші переклади

do make perform accomplish



playacting acting playing


appear play be on stage sing dance act


He played for gas money to get to LA, but unlike me, he loved performing.

The gig was over and done in a heartbeat, and surprisingly, he enjoyed performing.

Or worse, performing onstage without her in the audience.

I knew you never wanted a career as a performing artist.

Maybe it had nothing to do with his embarrassment over performing and everything to do with the location and crowd.

Dylan always let Jack down about performing live, but when it came to keeping his dad’s axes in top condition, Dylan was the best, and Jack knew it.

What sort of obligation had Dylan performing in dive bars and on street corners?

She could smell his spicy cologne and his salty perspiration from performing.

I might enjoy performing in front of an audience a little bit more than when I started this trip, but my fear has been with me my whole life.

Only 1,139 miles left of performing in public hell.

As soon as I can sit in a saddle, I shall come over to your village to see the great doctor performing his miracles.