“DECIDED” на польській мові


інші переклади

decided determined firm resolved resolute intent
decided declared positive
firm assertive positive emphatic resolute decided
indisputable incontrovertible unquestionable incontestable unanswerable decided
categorical unqualified plump explicit downright decided



distinct clear marked pronounced obvious striking noticeable unmistakable patent manifest definite certain positive emphatic undeniable indisputable unquestionable assured guaranteed


resolve determine make up one's mind make a decision elect choose opt plan aim have the intention have in mind


The younger ranger, eying him suspiciously, evidently decided he was more comfortable with a different topic.

Told them the worst of her, so that if they decided to risk climbing that mountain with her, they’d go into it with their eyes open.

Once she decided she wasn’t going to throw up after all, she straightened herself and smoothed her robes.

He decided to leave With the five men and not to return.

He decided to sneak into a separate building from the adjoining hallway.

For the first time since she’d decided to take this trip, she silently thanked her dad for insisting on the 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle rather than the 1955 Plymouth Belvedere she’d been researching to purchase for her cross-country trip.

For the time being she decided to focus instead on Sam’s feelings toward Bridges and his place within the organization.

It was no longer Cliff but the impending alarm that decided his next course of action.

3Curtin decided to stay one night more at the Roosevelt and the next day change over to the Oso Negro.

“I decided we should concentrate on them.

Looking down into the bowl, he decided the poultice was good enough.