“DECIDING” на російській мові




determining decisive conclusive key pivotal crucial critical significant major chief principal prime


decision making


He hadn’t sought her out last night, deciding to sleep at the river house rather than risk temptation.

She’ll be the deciding vote.

He should have scratched that particular itch before deciding that living in the House with Nesta was a good idea.

After that first day, Emerie stayed for the entire length of their lessons, which had now officially stretched into a full three hours, deciding that her morning business traffic was slow enough to risk it.

”“The Investiture is not a matter of the king simply deciding which of his sons is worthy of the throne,” replied Rew.

Cassian fucked her mouth, and her moaning had him deciding he’d fuck the rest of her, too.

If he forced them to stop their shopping early, and they couldn’t keep a fire going to boil their beans and rice, that left only handfuls of jerky…Rew ordered another ale, deciding it was worth letting the empath resupply, but then they would leave, just as soon as she and Jon finished.

And deciding to damn caution to hell, he asked, “Which of the queens would do something this bold?

”The soldiers, evidently deciding there was no reason not to share what they knew, pointed to the bodies of two armored men and then to the open gate.