“LIGHTS” на російській мові


інші переклади

traffic light lights light
eyes peepers lights daylight daylights glimmers



illumination brightness luminescence luminosity shining gleaming gleam brilliance radiance luster glowing glow blaze glare dazzle sunlight moonlight starlight lamplight firelight ray of light beam of light effulgence refulgence lambency


set alight set light to set burning set on fire set fire to put/set a match to ignite kindle spark (off)


He waited as the lights went out for some last snide remark from his little voices but they had nothing to say, not for this.

Wherever it touched the skin puffed, as if injected with it, and the lights were too bright, the uniform too rough.

A dancing circle of lights spun in the centre.

The lights were turned off, just like in the hallway, and in its center stood a hospital bed.

The skins discarded or taken by force; the sweat and the smell of bad people doing bad things; the empty shining of the studio lights on Max, making him seem a little bigger, a little flatter, like nothing more than a white smile that had nothing to do with me.

Most of the lights were out.

When color did eventually return, the hospital room lights were still out.

Maybe he wouldn’t punch the stupid bugger’s lights out for leaving him then.

The engagement ring on her finger glittered under the parking lights and he froze.

The others followed, their lights going out, their earthly forms reimposed upon reality as they replaced the iron collars about their necks.

His clan lights pulsed strong colours in challenge.