“ORCHARD” на російській мові


інші переклади

фруктовый сад



plantation woodlet grove


With a nice orchard full of apples and a winery.

’ The shifter walked away and sat among the barrels, laughing with his sword-slaves as they re-enacted the terrified faces and strangled cries of the men they’d murdered; and the most terrible thing to Tsen was how he wanted so much to be with her again, how much he’d wanted Sivan-Kalaiya to take his hands and look into his eyes and whisper sweet lies about how things would be once this was done, how the two of them would slip away to another world and no one would come after them because everyone would think he was dead, how they’d lounge together in baths laced with Xizic oil and grow apples in their orchard and make wine and drink it together in the steam and be happy for as long as they were alive.

I have a villa waiting for me there with a bath house and an apple orchard.

In the bright light of the early day everything around them looked absolutely natural— not so very different, it seemed to them, from an abandoned orchard in Alabama.

“Stop scratching,” Rhys said without looking at him as they strode through a blooming apple orchard.