“RESTED” на російській мові


інші переклади




relax take a rest ease up/off let up slow down have/take a break unbend unwind recharge one's batteries be at leisure take it easy put one's feet up lie down go to bed have/take a nap catnap doze sleep take five have/take a breather catch forty winks get some shut-eye take a load off chill (out) chillax catch some Zs


The men are quite well rested after that last run of snow.

Once he had rested in South Knot, Sam had been instructed to drop by the satellite lab on the outskirts where she had taken up residence.

The shoulder straps dug in and the entire weight of the pack rested on his lower back.

A golden, spiked crown rested on her head, blazing like the hate in her black eyes.

His right hand rested on his right knee as he bent down to pick up his pipe.

”Nesta rested a hand on her abdomen.

Tuvacs felt behind himself, brushing his fingers against the bar he rested against.

Right now, his right hand rested on his thigh.

Sometimes Sivan found them shelter, sometimes he draped a sheet of dark cloth over the sled and the two of them rested in the tiny patch of shade under neath.

Mother and father to his younger brothers, and he took it as if their failure to protect Baby Brother rested squarely on his shoulders.

Across the yard and close to the walls – as far away from the dragon’s perch as they could be – three gondolas of jade and bright shining silver rested with their ramps still closed.