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sheriff sherif shereef


It didn’t matter, though, because the sheriff was sure he had hit the lotto when he spotted his mark: a young black male driving a $60,000 truck.

Once Trill felt like he was deep enough in the sticks and had room and leeway to run and hide, he pushed the window’s button down to release the sheriff and slammed on the brakes, throwing the sheriff face-first to the ground.

” the sheriff said with authority as he knocked on the driver’s side window.

The powerful Hummer snatched the sheriff off his feet so fast he dropped the pistol, screaming while Trill put the pedal to the metal.

Trill grabbed the registration from the glove box and turned to hand it to the sheriff.

” The sheriff drew his gun and stuck his hand inside the car.

He watched from his side mirror as the small, thin-featured sheriff approached the car.

When the sheriff reached inside the truck with his free hand and grabbed hold of the registration, Trill quickly hit the switch to roll the window up while he floored the accelerator at the same time.

Trill kicked the sheriff in his face with his new Timbs.

“You would think that you niggers would know the drill by now, and have these things prepared,” the sheriff drawled boldly.

” The sheriff cocked his gun.