“STAYED” на російській мові


інші переклади

затянутый в корсет


Baby Brother had stayed in East New York all night long, and even though the kid was eighteen now, Priest still worried about him, especially out there messing around with them treacherous Puerto Ricans.

The notion struggled up through the terror and she held on to it and stayed where she was, lying very still with the shield on top of her.

Mostly, after that, he stayed in, down in his bathhouse with Kalaiya and his wine.

The smile on her face stayed exactly as it was, fixed in place.

For his own part he mostly stayed inside the walls, carefully out of sight, and when he wasn’t keeping watch on the road in case any soldiers happened along, he wandered from room to room.

She wore a long-sleeved nightgown, and, though there was no fire in the hearth, the room stayed warm.

’Sivan stayed silent for a while as though weighing Tsen’s reply.

If he stayed still they might just pass him by.

Amren, for whatever reason, rarely stayed here long enough to see this room, so no chair had ever been held for her.

He’s the guy that stayed up all night and got us where we needed to be.

If they had just kept quiet and stayed put then this would never have happened.