“SWORN” на російській мові


інші переклади

denominated adopted sworn





promise vow pledge give one's word take an oath undertake guarantee depose aver


”Cassian could have sworn flames rippled across her blue eyes.

”She could have sworn Cassian muttered a plea to the Mother before he cut in, “I will remind you, Devlon, that Nesta Archeron is our High Lady’s sister, and will be treated with respect.

”She could have sworn a breath of amusement fluttered from beneath the female’s hood.

I have so long wished to play, it said, and she could have sworn she heard a smile within the sound.

”“She never should have sworn you to keep it secret.

To what she could have sworn she’d glimpsed straining at the stays and buttons when he’d fled the room.

And when Nesta opened her eyes, palm unfurling, she could have sworn the coins glowed faintly.

Sam could have sworn that he’d heard Bridget thank him.

“Ataraxia,” he said again, and Nesta could have sworn the blade hanging from her belt hummed in answer.

She could have sworn he was subtly scratching himself whenever she turned away to admire the sheer beauty and peace of the Spring Court forest.

She landed on the other side of the line in the earth, and could have sworn the mountain shuddered.