“APPLIED” на українській мові


інші переклади

practical pragmatic usable applicative applied pragmatical
applied engineering
composite made compound aggregative applied made-up



put in an application for put in for try (out) for bid for appeal for petition for sue for register for audition for request seek solicit (for) claim ask for try to obtain


She peed, applied a fresh coat of guys’ deodorant she found in the medicine cabinet, and had just rinsed her face when someone knocked on the bathroom door.

Any advancements that could be applied to the fields of chiral communications and Beach research were meant to be of purely secondary benefit.

Rew knew the king wouldn’t give a fig about how he applied the law in the case of an attempted theft by a few youths.

Rel comprehended not a single word, so he applied himself to the situation as he understood it.

Taryn applied it to her back all the time.

He should have been more thorough when he applied the spray.

’The brush is applied to the back of my neck, sweeping away loose strands to the linoleum floor.

“I could not agree more, but an old way wisely applied in a new place is a hallmark of magisterial thinking, my dear Guider Zeruvias.

Their language came hard to Rel, a word could have a half dozen meanings according to the pitch applied to its syllables, but the modalmen were above all a warrior race, and Rel knew this one.

Later, he had applied more pressure, and they had not so much as flexed.

Her left hand fingertips wouldn’t cease peeling and cracking no matter the lotion or balm she applied.