“CONSTRUCTED” на українській мові


інші переклади

built constructed



build erect put up set up raise establish assemble manufacture fabricate create make


As Bridges I had moved west, they had constructed or serviced multiple types of facilities across the continent.

The fortress had been constructed in a different era, when the threats to the peace of the kingdom were external rather than internal.

He laid out the amber-capped staff he’d taken from the narjag shaman, a crudely constructed pack he’d found dropped in the woods outside his campsite, and a necklace made of shriveled bits of flesh he’d taken from the shaman’s neck.

Gentle skies smiled on a multi-sided plaza of amazing complexity constructed on several levels.

The safehouses had been constructed along this route to offer support for these deliveries.

All his world had been constructed of noise.

A wheel was constructed with empty tin cans and small wooden cases, and with the help of a burro this could be made to draw the water from the tank, lift it with those cans and cases up to the upper tank, from where, on opening the shutter, it would run down the channels to wash the sand.