“ENJOY” на українській мові


інші переклади

use enjoy make use of take advantage profit wield
enjoy revel luxuriate wallow



like love be fond of be entertained by take pleasure in be keen on delight in appreciate relish revel in adore lap up savor luxuriate in bask in get a kick out of get a thrill out of dig


But if I eat the flower, it is no longer beautiful, and if I put the singing bird into a frying-pan, I can no more enjoy his sweet song.

I might enjoy performing in front of an audience a little bit more than when I started this trip, but my fear has been with me my whole life.

‘Did you enjoy the museum, this morning?

“Can’t I enjoy the sight of my friend being fawned over by the public?

There are not, however, many Guiders who like to live the high life you enjoy.

You can soak there by yourself for a bit, or some men enjoy having the girls accompany them.

“You enjoy it,” said Rel.

They sat and drank for a moment, savoring the chance to enjoy a decent cup in comfortable seating for the first time in weeks, even if the cleanliness of the floor wasn’t up to Anne’s standards.

Can’t we enjoy some time alone first?

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“I would like to remove myself from the Mask’s odious presence, and perhaps enjoy your palace, Rhysand.